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How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip to Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Chamber Blog

To have an all-day experience. The following is a complete list of places you could visit.

Lake Powell: With its the white and red sculpted sandstone as well as blue waters the lake as well as Glen Canyon National Recreation center is a great place to go. It's considered to be to be a natural oasis, surrounded by an impressive canyon that is that runs beneath and above the water. Lake Powell is an artificial lake and offers various recreational options. People love camping at Lone Rock Beach, which affords a relaxing escape. Glen Canyon offers many options to watersports like skiing, paddling, kayaking paddling, swimming amid the imposing domes and high cliff walls.

You can also visit other locations, including those of the Rainbow Bridge, the world's largest natural bridge. It can only be accessed via tour and boat, including walking up Navajo Mountain. The bridge is revered as sacred by the neighboring tribes. Visitors should be considerate by refraining from climbing over the bridge. If you want to explore more of this area of the Glen Canyon and to rent the boat, take a look at leasing one.

Antelope Canyon: The Antelope Canyon is awe-inspiring and formed when water splits the crevasses in the rock with time. There are two sections to the Canyon: one upper, and one lower. The canyons were created many years ago when rainwater passed through the rock at higher elevation. It is only the shape and size differ between lower and higher Antelope Canyon. The Upper Canyon has a narrow entrance in the top with a wide base, and a lot of people are able to capture the beautiful view once they visit Antelope Canyon. In contrast, the lower Canyon features a larger opening at the top, and an elongated canyon floor which allows more light in from above.

The higher Antelope Canyon is said to be easier to walk and navigate because of its wide bottom, although it is more dark than the lower Antelope Canyon. The famous light beams provide a spectacular view when you are looking to capture amazing photos. Tours in this area cost more than tours that are offered in Lower Antelope Canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon because they tend to sell out.